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  2. Langfang Tianke Biotechnology
    Professional production base of general chemical reagent and pharmaceutical accessories
    Company profile

    Langfang Tianke Biotechnology Co., Ltd. ("Tianke") was founded in 2003. It has independent production base covering more than 9,000 square meters. In 2016, it added the second production base covering 17,500 square meters in Modern Manufacturing Industrial Park. Close to Langcang Expressway, it is easy of access. The company specializes in manufacturing and marketing chemical reagents, pharmaceutical excipients, intermediates, water treatment, environment production and other fine chemical products. Moreover, it can offer OEM services. In terms of biochemical engineering, the company has established close cooperation relations with several research institutes of Tianjin City and Chinese Academy of Sciences and it has become experiment production base of some high-tech products. Our products and services are highly recognized by partners at home and abroad.

    Main products are acetate, sulfate, phosphate, carbonate, chloride, water treatment products, environment protection products, and etc. Moreover, specific products can be produced at the request of clients. Our products are widely used in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, building material, glass, electroplating, printing and dyeing, water treatment, environment production, disinfection, and other fields.

    Langfang Tianke Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

    Contact Us
    Langfang Tianke Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
    Add: Sanghang Industrial Park, Dacheng County,
    Hebei, China
    Tel:+86-15076659665 Manager Ma
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